About us

Alberta Cardiology: Heart Health Excellence

Alberta Cardiology is a comprehensive multispecialty practice dedicated to cardiovascular health. With a focus on delivering all cardiology diagnostics and consultation services under one roof, we boast an exceptional team of experienced specialists in Cardiology and Internal Medicine. Our mission at Alberta Cardiology and Medical is to provide personalized, high-quality care that surpasses community standards, all within a comfortable and convenient environment. We are committed to ensuring expedited access to specialty cardiology care, thereby reducing wait times for our patients and enhancing their overall healthcare experience.


Alberta Cardiology is a multispecialty practice, primarily focused on cardiovascular health. We offer comprehensive cardiology diagnostics and consultations. With experienced specialists in Cardiology and Internal Medicine, we prioritize personalized care, aiming to exceed community standards while ensuring expedited access and reduced wait times.


Our vision at Alberta Cardiology is to be the premier destination for comprehensive cardiovascular care. With a dedicated team of experts, we strive to deliver personalized, high-quality services that surpass community expectations, ensuring convenient access and minimized wait times for our patients.